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Painting, Interior and Exterior, drywall installation and finishing, drywall repairs and texturing. Call today for a free estimate, Superior Painting and Remodeling, 307-286-7482, licensed and insured.
Traders recommends that you investigate companies which require you to send money for your information or products advertised in this publication. Be aware that anything other than 800, 866, 877, and 888 numbers including 900 numbers will be charged to your phone bill. Seek information from the company before you invest your money. You may contact the Attorney General's Office, Consumer Affairs at 123 Capitol Bldg, Cheyenne, WY, 82002, 307-777-7874 for more information.
Do you have a real estate problem? Foreclosure? Challenges with your mortgage company? Call 307-263-8112.
Sunny Days Handyman, general carpentry and exterior painting, free quotes, experienced and insured. 307-365-9347.
Remodeling Specialists, custom decks, siding, additions, bathrooms, ceramic, flooring, drywall, painting, doors and trim work, 25 years experience with references, local, licensed and insured, free estimates. Call 307-256-8576.
For all your home improvements: Capital Lumber Co, 1222 Dunn Ave. 307-634-4471.
Mister B's Heating and Cooling, call us for all your HVAC needs, 307-634-4822, 610 W 15th St.
Need a place to call home? Check out the Rental Guide in this issue.
The gifts that keep on giving! BlazeKing, receive a 30% EPA Federal Tax Credit, covers stove, pipe and installation costs. We carry Mendota, North America's luxury fireplace. CalSpas, Vitaspa and Nordic hot tubs. Global Spas and Stoves, 1639 Dell Range Blvd, 307-634-7318, www.glob
Professional paint ing with a personal touch. Residential, commercial, contractor or private, 25 years of experience. Chris Rivera, owner, Wet Paint, 307-275-4965.