Cheyenne Animal Shelter

The Cheyenne Animal Shelter will scale back its hours and services to the community for the next 14 days due to another valued employee testing positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday, October 7. There are new protocols now in place. Essential staff that does not have a fever or exhibits any signs of the virus will continue to care for the animals. Staff will be available to answer phone calls from 8:00am-6:00pm, (307)632-6655. Stray pets may be reunited with their owners by calling (307)632-6655 to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Again the Shelter asks the patron to wear a mask and not to enter if exhibiting any signs of COVID-19. Animal Control will continue to serve from 8:00am-8:00pm by calling (307)635-1453. All stray animals will be returned directly to their homes when possible if they are wearing a current form of ID, rather than being taken to the Shelter facility. If found after hours, keep the animal until 8:00am the following morning, or contact Cheyenne Police Department at (307)637-6500. Also, contact the After Hours Lost and Found hotline (307)214-5779 and post it on their Facebook page by the same name. Animal bite reports will be taken online at, Animal Control Corner. For urgent pet surrenders, please make an appointment at (307)632-6655. For more information about adopting from a facility where COVID has presented itself, visit